Lixte Biotechnology's Lead Compound Reported To Be Active Against Hematologic Cancers In Pre-Clinical Studies

EAST SETAUKTET, N.Y., Feb. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: LIXT), noted that two recent reports suggest that its lead anti-cancer compound LB-100 may have a role in the treatment of at least two hematological cancers.

Dr. John Kovach, founder and president of Lixte, said that "Lixte has been developing LB-100 for the treatment of solid tumors because this novel compound potentiates the therapeutic activity of chemotherapy and radiotherapy without significant increases in toxicity in several animal models. LB-100 is currently in Phase I clinical trial to determine the appropriate dose of the compound alone and in combination with docetaxel for subsequent investigation of the combination in docetaxel-sensitive tumors. The finding that LB-100 may have anti-cancer activity against leukemias and other hematologic disorders would significantly increase potential clinical applications."

Dr. Kovach continued, "Investigators at the Terry Fox Cancer Center, Vancouver, BC, reported at the American Society of Hematology in December 2014, that LB-100 and a lipid-soluble homolog of LB-100 (LB-102) are active against imatinib-naive and imatinib-resistant human chronic myelogenous leukemia cells (CML) (Lai et al (2014) Blood 124:(21)899). Since almost all CML patients have remission of their disease with imatinib treatment yet eventually relapse, a new drug active alone or with imatinib for the treatment of imatinib-resistant CML would be welcome.  Also of potential relevance to the use of LB-100 in hematological diseases is a report by investigators at the Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida, that inhibition of protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) is the mechanism of action by which the Celgene drug lenalidomide exerts for its clinical benefit in del5q myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). PP2A is the target of LB-100 and the Moffitt investigators speculate that a novel inhibitor of PP2A like LB-100 may be useful in the treatment of del5qMDS given alone or in combination with lenalidomide (Sallman et al (2014) Front Oncol. 4:264)."

Dr. Kovach concluded, "The primary goal of our current Phase I trial is to determine the maximum tolerable dose (MTD) of LB-100 in combination with docetaxel and then to test to what extent LB-100 improves the efficacy of docetaxel against common solid tumors in Phase 2 trials. However we are currently completing determination of the MTD of LB-100 alone, a step required before combining LB-100 with escalating doses of docetaxel. The new pre-clinical data briefly summarized above suggest that LB-100 merits evaluation in del5qMDS and imatinib-resistant CML once the safety profile of LB-100 is established even as we proceed to evaluate LB-100 with docetaxel in solid tumors." 

About Lixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc.

Lixte is a drug discovery company that uses biomarker technology to identify enzyme targets associated with serious common diseases and then design novel compounds to attack those targets. Lixte's product pipeline encompasses two major categories of compounds at various stages of pre-clinical and clinical development which the company believes have broad therapeutic potential not only for cancer but for other debilitating and life-threatening diseases.  Lixte's unique phosphatase inhibitor, LB-100, is in a Phase I cancer trial (see Identifier NCTO1837667).

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